Shaping your life apart from your sport

Lifestyle includes many different aspects of your individual life planning. As a professional athlete you are not only committed to yourself, but also to the employees and partners in your environment.

Lifestyle includes decisions regarding services, consumer goods and destinations. In this complex finding process we are at your disposal as a partner.

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You want to buy a new sports car or real estate, make your travels exciting but safe? You are looking for adequate security for your family and don't want to deal with the many details of your daily life? We care!

We are happy to help with your lifestyle organization and are there for you - 24/7 if you wish.
In our holistic consulting, lifestyle is just one aspect of our clients' lives. Lifestyle is seamlessly integrated into your wealth planning and your economic processes - we are the trusted, independent advisor for your decisions, explore the options and offer you recommendations for action on your lifestyle issues. We want you to profit from sporting success in the long term.

Our promise

Professional consulting
with objectivity & independence.

An independent, partnership-based consultation at eye level, aligned to your individual needs - always in close exchange with your athlete management and/or your family.

Our mission for you

Live your sport and
we organize your life!

While you are successful in your sport, we take care of all your challenges in the area of finances, security, upcoming legal and tax issues or your lifestyle in the background, tailored to your respective life situation.

Your advantage

Your strong team

We offer you exclusive access to partners and experts that are often only available to a handful of people.

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Your life

Organization & Lifestyle

We act as a "financial secretariat", overseeing and managing all aspects of your career - and beyond.

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Your future

Finance & Protection

Our goal is to help you manage your assets and the responsibilities that come with them, and to preserve value.

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